Anguilla’s many dive sites are each special in their own different ways. That’s what makes diving in Anguilla so exciting!
You could be at one site, looking at sea fans, and 50 yards later you’ll see massive hard coral formations.
No matter how much is written about these sites, words will never do justice to described the beauty of their reality. You must go experience the adventure for yourself !


At the west of Anguilla there is a little island called Anguillita and next to it is a divesite which is one of Anguillian Divers favorite divesites. It consists of "miniwalls” where you will find lobsters, morrayeels, cleanerstations. Frequently we see a school of large tarpons. At sandy area where we frequently see Southern Stingrays and Eaglerays. Max. depth 60ft.

Novice and Experienced divers


West of Anguilla there is Bedhambay where we find a large reef called Frenchmanreef. It is a reef with different rockformations soft and hard corals. There are a lot of ledges where you can find a nurseshark taking a nap. Stingrays, lobsters and barracuda are seen there. Max. depth 50ft.

Novice and experienced divers


South west of Anguilla, you will see Blowing Rock. This is a shallow dive max. 40ft. Rockformations, elkhorn coral, green/yellow/pink anemones and there is a cave as well. Because there is a current we can see a school of baraccuda, occasionally a reefshark and nursesharks. Turtles like to hang out there as well. Schools of grunts, lobsters and spotted morrayeels you can find there.

Novice and Experienced divers


Next to the Oosterdiep wreck there is a slope if you go north east you have Oosterreef if you go south it is called Deep South. Max. depth is 70ft. In the sand check for Southern Stingrays. In the reef we will see lobsters, morrayeels, turtles and baraccuda.

Novice and Experienced divers


Around Sandy Island there are several dive sites. Sandy Deep is a slope max. 60ft. which is full with seafans and different types of sponges. Stingrays, turtles, margates, lobsters.

Novice and Experienced divers


On the north side of Sandy Island you will find Sandy Reef max. depth 60ft. this is a slope where you find lobsters, stingrays. morrayeels and occasionally a spotted eagle ray.

Novice and Experienced divers


Dog Island consists of 2 dive sites: West Cay and Devil’s Wall, both at 90 ft.
The region spots splendid collections of both hard and soft corals. Whenever rays of light touch the walls, shades of deep red and blue lavender are revealed, so carrying a dive light is seldom necessary, but bring one anyway, there are all kinds of small, colorfull critten in the grotto’s darker recess.
Adding to that, several large tarpons, barracuda’s or sharks are likely to appear like ghostly apparitions.
Because of it’s remoteness, the reefs and walls here are not visited frequently thus offering near virgin diving.

Experienced divers