A favoured wreck by Anguillian Divers, the "Oosterdiep".

"MV Oosterdiep" was built in 1957 in the Netherlands. In 1990 she drift aground on a shoal at the south west entrance to Road Bay Harbour. After stripped by a salvage company she was hauled off and deliberately sunk north west of Meadsbay in 75 feet of water. The ship is 150ft. long and on a sandy bottom. In the sand you can see hundreds of garden eels. There is a car wreck next to ship where we often see a spotted morray eel. the ship is full with "cleanerstations" where you can find pederson cleanershrimps, banded coral shrimps and arrowcrabs busy at work. Also fireworms are found here as well as on all the wrecks. Schools of blue tang, snappers, jacks etc.


After a somewhat longer boat ride than to get to the most of the other sites, you will discover the wreck of the MV "Sarah". She was also wrecked in 1984 during hurricane "Klaus" and was sunk intentionally in 1990.
This steel vessel, is upright and intact, resting on the sandy bottom.
The top of the vessel is found in 40 feet of water, while the bottom sits in 80 feet, making it the deepest of the wreck dives. Not only is it the deepest wreck, but also the largest one, being around 250 feet long.


The "MV Ida Maria" was wrecked in 1984 during hurricane "Klaus".
Built sometime around World War One in the United Kingdom.
From 1977 she was used as a general cargo ship (120 feet long) from Trinidad to Puerto Rico and all the islands in between. After hurricane "Klaus" she was still afloat but had dragged down on her anchor chains. She was also deliberately sunk on a reef between Sandy Island and the beginning of "the deep". It is lying on a reef which is worth exploring too.


This boat, which was at the time was used to burn wood, accidentally caught fire and was deliberately sunk in 1993 in 50 feet of water. The "Cathely H" is upright and semi intact, there is a cargo cabin at one end, but some of it is disintegrating. Oktober, November before highseason starts the wreck is full of spiny caribbean lobsters. Frequently we see an octopus,
The boat is about 100 feet long and resting in the sand, rays are usually seen around the wreck.


Wrecked in 1984 during hurricane "Klaus". Sunk in 1986, it is one of the nine wrecks sunk intentionally to create artificial reef.
About 150 feet long, the "Commerce" is laying on a slope 60ft. to 80ft.

On the flat deck there is assorted cargo, including old cars, a broken crane and machine parts. The propeller at the stern is still intact.
Observe the large lobsters hiding in the side of the ship. Explore the reef which is touching the bow of the wreck, which is full of schooling fish.

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